Thursday Weather Issues

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 2:08pm

With our next system preparing to move through the county. There is not much to have any real concern over other than the gusty conditions that will likely come with the cold front. Rainfall accumulation looks very minimal for the system as there is not much moisture for the system to work with. The atmosphere looks as if it will remain stable leading to no real threat of severe weather. While we have a general thunderstorm risk for the area and the county on Thursday you may not experience much or any thunder at all as the system moves through. 

Rainfall amounts of around a tenth of an inch are likely. with some localized higher amounts possible. 


The Storms Prediction Center as of the time of this posting has us under a general thunderstorm risk with no real threat for severe weather at this point and time. 

Our biggest concern with this system will be the gusty winds that accompany it. Mainly from the temperature and pressure changes we will go through as the front moves into the county and the area during the day on Thursday. We will continue to monitor the models and data and advise of any changes or concerns with the forecast. As of now this will essentially just be a nasty Thursday from a dreary event. 

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