A look ahead to the end of January

Saturday, January 14, 2023 - 12:48pm

There is no question the start of the year was definitely one of the hottest starts to any year on record. Temperatures over the past week have been a little closer to average for this time of year. As we look ahead to the next few weeks temperatures will be above average.

The image above depicts that the average temperatures over the next 6-10 days have an 80% chance of being above average for this time of year. Especially when you compare it to the current 7-Day Outlook (pictured below) as of the time of this article. 

For the date range of January 21st through January 27th based on the image below temperatures around the area have a 30 - 40% chance of being above average to end the month. 

If you are a snow lover, the above average temperatures certainly do not lend much hope for seeing snow by the end of this month which is on average the coldest month of the year on average. Looking for the potential for precipitation for this time of year the next 7 - 14 days have a 30 - 40% chance of being above average. This likely will be in the form of rain. If you use the 7-Day Outlook earlier in this article we have several days of rain, chances just next week. The images below represent the 6–10-day outlook and the 10–14-day outlook. 

On average the month of January in Rowan County has around three and a half inches of rainfall. The average high temperature for the county is around 50° with the average low temperature of around 29°. So far this month the average high temperature has been around 59° with the average low being around 39°. The amount of rainfall so far for the month is almost three inches of rainfall here at the weather center. 

Based on the trends for the month we are on pace to finish above average for temperatures and rainfall. We will likely surpass our average rainfall totals before the end of the upcoming week. Rowan County Weather will be here to keep you up to date on all of the weather impacts that we will experience as we close out the month of January. 

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