Long Range Winter Forecast 2022-20223

Sunday, October 30, 2022 - 10:49am

This year La Niña returns for the third consecutive winter, driving warmer-than-average temperatures for the Southwest and along the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard, North Carolina and Rowan County.

One of the main drivers that could impact cold temperatures and the amount of snow we see this winter is the impact from the current drought conditions around the country, approximately 59% of the country is in a drought as of the time of this forecast release. 

Looking over the month of November above average temperaures will continue for the southwest portions of the country. We are expected to have average temperatures for the month of November with average highs near 60° and average lows near 37°.

Drier than average conditions will continue in the southwest portion of the country into Novmber as well. Wetter than average conditions will occur in the Pacific Northwest. While average rainfall is expected here in the county and the area in November with an average rainfall of just over three inches.

For the winter seaon above average temperatures are expected all across the southern portions of the country. While northern sections of the country fromt he Pacific Northwest to the western Great Lakes will see below average temperatures for the winter season. 

Drier than normal conditions are expected along the southern portions of the country this winter season. Locations along the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest are expected to have wetter than normal conditions for the winter season.

Drought development is expected to occur across the South-central and Southeastern U.S. For now drought conditions for Rowan County and the area appear to have no drought conditions for the overall winter season.

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