Moderate Drought Conditions in Rowan County

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 1:01pm

Three weeks ago I reported that abnormally dry conditions had returned to the county. Unfortunately since that time, Dry conditions have continues to persist. We are now over one month since any measurable rainfall fell at the Mid-Carolina Airport. The official measuring station for the National Weather Service. There have been some locations around the county who have gotten a few rain drops but nothing close to the amount needed to get us going in the right direction. The outlook over the next 7-10 days continues to look pretty dry. There is a slight chance the first week of October could bring us some wet weather. However, at this point we would need some significant rainfall to have a chance. The air is so dry most of the rainfall would evaporate on the way to the ground. 

Let's take a look at how the bodies of water around the county are doing with the dry conditions we are under. Second Creek over the past three weeks has gone from 2.12 feet for water level down to 2.05 feet last week. This week Second Creek is currently at 2.03 feet of water level. A reduction of almost 0.10 feet of water in the past three weeks.


Coddle Creek when we started measuring three weeks ago was at 1.94 feet of water. Last week 1.9 feet of water and this week Coddle Creek is sitting at 1.93 feet of water. A little bounce back hopefully from some recent rain in that area. 



The Yadkin River near Mocksville last week was sitting at 2.14 feet of water and this week the depth is at 2.1 feet. 



The last body of water we have been using for water level measurement is High Rock Lake. As mentioned last week. Do not be surprised to see fluctuations in this lake since the water level is mainly controlled by Alcoa. It's not uncommon for levels to rise and fall. Last week High Rock lakes was at a water level of 652.12 feet. This week High Rock lake is sitting at a water level of 651.44 feet of water. Down almost a foot since last week. Again that should not be too alarming at this point.



Based on just rainfall for the year we are normally at 31.97 inches of rainfall. Currently we are at 27.41 inches of rainfall on the year. Down about 4.5 inches of rainfall on the year in Rowan County. This is currently the thirteenth driest year on record to this date in Rowan County



I would not be surprised to see some of our local towns and cities begin to address possible water restrictions over the next few weeks if it doesn't rain soon. I will continue to provide weekly updates until the dry conditions are gone and we are no longer in drought status in the county. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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