9/19/19 Drought Update

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 1:55pm

As we continue to remain in dry conditions around the area. All of Rowan County is now under abnormally dry conditions with regards to Drought. This is the beginning of what could lead to Stage 1 Drought conditions around the county if we do not get some much needed rainfall soon. Last week only the southwest portion of the county was under abnormally dry conditions. Last week I used two bodies of water in the western areas of the county as a starting point to see if we could find any water reduction from week to week. Let's take a look at how those have changed since last Thursday's report

The images above are both reading from Second Creek the image on the left is last week. The water level was at 2.12 feet. The image on the right is from today and the water level has dropped down to 2.05 feet. Almost a tenth of an inch in reduction in a week. Now let's take a look at Coddle Creek to see what the changes are there.


Coddle Creek with last weeks report was at 1.94 feet and this week has dropped to 1.9 feet. So not much reduction. 

These bodies of water were being used for purposes of the abnormally dry conditions in just the southwest portion of the county last week. Let's include a bigger body of water starting this week and track it in the upcoming weeks. 

The Yadkin River along the northwest boarder of the county as of today is running at 2.14 feet. We will compare this reading next Thursday to see what changes have taken place in that area of the county. Now for a lake.


High Rock Lake along the northeast portion of the county is currently sitting at 652.12 feet. We can use this as a measurement as well. Now keep in mind the lake is controlled by Alcoa and water levels could fluctuate due to manmade circumstances more so than drought conditions. So don't be surprised to see swings up and down with this measurement in the coming weeks. 

Now onto the big question. When is it gonna rain???? 

As of right now our best chances for rainfall with any accumulation are not likely until the very end of the month. Even then there not much to be hopeful for with a chance of a quarter of an inch of rainfall or less. The last time we officially had any measurable rainfall here in the county was back on August 23rd with only a tenth of an inch of rainfall. We are four days away from being exactly one month without any real measurable rainfall in many portions of the county. It is very likely we exceed that one month mark by a few days before we actually get any measurable rainfall again. I will continue to keep you updated right here and on social media concerning drought conditions. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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