Hurricane Dorian 9/3/19 Update

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 3:01pm

I hope you all had a wonderful labor Day. Our attention this week turns to the impacts Dorian will likely have on our coast and if we can expect anything here in Rowan County. Here's the latest track update for Dorian from the National Hurricane Center

The good news is with the latest track form the national Hurricane Center is you can see a little more room between the coastline of North Carolina than in previous runs. We have to be cautious though. A slight shift to the west brings a possible landfall of the eye back in play. Now this does not diminish the seriousness for impacts along the North & South Carolina coastlines. Here are some key messages for those areas.

1. Life threatening storm surge, and dangerous winds are expected along portions of the South Carolina coastline regardless of the exact track of Dorian's center. Water levels could begin to rise well in advance of the arrival of strong winds. residents should follow advice given by local emergency officials. 

2. The risk of life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds continues along the coast of North Carolina. Residents should follow advice given by local emergency officials. 

3.  The flash flood threat will increase along the Carolina coastlines by Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The flood threat will likely continue into the weekend along the Carolina coastlines. 

The model data above is showing the possibility of wind gust form Dorian into the 60 & 70 miles per hour range for areas along the coast and as far inland as the sand hills of North Carolina beginning tomorrow and into the weekend.  Here in Rowan County we could see gust of around 40 miles per hour beginning Thursday and into the weekend from Dorian. The winds will expand as the storm continues to weaken. This is form all of the pressure dropping out of the storm as it weakens. 


Rainfall totals along the coast by 7pm Thursday evening with the center of Dorian still along the South Carolina coast will begin to reach 3 - 6 inches of accumulation with additional accumulation coming on Friday

By the time Dorian begins to pull away we could see areas along the coast with six and a half inches of rainfall accumulation or more. This will be on top of the potential storm surge from Dorian as well that will already have flooding occurring before the storm moves into these areas. 

The inland flooding will be a concern with Dorian as some areas inland could see flooding as high as three feet above ground from the storm surge and rainfall with Dorian. I will begin to provide multiple blog post for Dorian beginning tomorrow and will provide them until the storm pulls away form the North Carolina coast and impacts are no longer possible. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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