Hurricane Dorian 9/2/19 Update

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 11:40am

Happy Labor Day everyone! All eyes continue to be on Hurricane Dorian, the potential track and impacts if any that we will see here in Rowan County from the storm. The 11am update just came out so lets take a look at the latest track by the National Hurricane Center. 

Dorian is currently in literal stall moving west at one 1 mile per hour. The storm is expected to turn northward during the early morning hours Tuesday and head parallel to the Georgia and South Carolina coast. By Thursday morning Dorian will be off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston. Dorian will begin to turn northeast and move parallel to the South Carolina and North Carolina coastlines. Dorian will be extremely close to making landfall near Cape Hatteras early Friday morning. Here are key messages concerning Dorian. 

Key Messages

1.  The risk of life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds continues to increase along the coasts of South Carolina and North Carolina. Residents in these areas should follow advice given by local emergency officials. 

2.  Heavy rains capable of producing life threatening flash floods are expected along coastal sections of the southeast and lower Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States into Friday.

Sections of the North and South Carolina coastlines are likely to see as much as 7 inches of rainfall in less than 24 hours. This combined with storm surge will likely cause life threatening flooding in coastal areas. Here in Rowan County we are likely to see less than a quarter of an inch of rainfall from this storm.

Sustained winds here in Rowan County from Dorian will likely be around 10 miles per hour. Tropical storm force winds will be likely to our south and east with Hurricane fore=ce winds possible along the coast. 

We have a 70% chances of wind guts around 25 miles per hour here in Rowan County later in the week form Dorian. This would be the extent of impacts we will likely see from Dorian here in Rowan County. Areas in the coastal plans and along the coast have a 100% chances of gust this large. The peak gust will be mentioned below.

Areas along the coast will likely see Hurricane force winds with gust of 75 miles per hour of more from Dorian as in move through the Mid-Atlantic region on Thursday and Friday. The storm will then head back out to the Atlantic running parallel to the northeast coast this weekend. I will of course continue to keep you updated right here and on social media as we move through the remainder of the week and Dorian continues to move along the coast. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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