Hurricane Dorian 9/1/19 Update

Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 9:56am

Good Sunday morning. Hurricane Dorian has now become a Category 5 storm. This is the 4th straight year a Hurricane has become a Category 5 storm in the Atlantic. That is the first time in what is known as the satellite era that we have had 4 straight years with at least one Category 5 storm somewhere in the Atlantic. Let's take a look at the latest track from the National Hurricane Center for Dorian.

The Bahamas will take the biggest brunt of this storm over the next 24-36 hours before the storm pulls closer to the Florida coast line. Some time during the day on Tuesday the storm is expected to take a northerly turn and begin to skirt along the east coast of the United States The storm will begin to take a northeastern turn on Thursday as it closes in on the Charleston South Carolina area. and begin to move along the Carolina coastline just off shore. The storm could be extremely close to landfall near the Havelock and Carteret areas of the North Carolina coast by early Friday morning. 

There is an increasing risk of strong winds and dangerous storm surge along the South and North Carolina coast later this week. Residents in these areas should continue to monitor the progress of Dorian.

Heavy rains capable of producing life threatening flash floods are possible over coastal sections of the southeast and lower Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States through late this week. 

As far as impacts from Dorian here in Rowan County. We have a 10-20% chance of getting Tropical Storm force winds here in the county by the end of the week. Mainly late Wednesday in Thursday. Rainfall impacts are low from Dorian at this point as well. We could see a half an inch of rainfall or less with isolated showers from outer bands during the day Thursday. I will continue to keep you updated on the track of Dorian right here and on social media. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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