Tropical system likely to appear in the Gulf

Monday, July 8, 2019 - 10:57am

We have had a quite Tropical Season to this point. That is likely to change over the next few days as a low pressure system currently over the state of Georgia is expected to drift south into the Gulf of Mexico. This system has the best chance to this point of becoming the first named storm of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 

By late Tuesday evening the low pressure will be along the gulf coast of Florida and Alabama. There is a significant chance of development from this system based on current forecast models. You may be asking yourself. Why would Rowan County North Carolina care about what happens with this system in the Gulf? There are a few reasons that we should monitor this system and its development over the next few days. 

  1.  Fuel Impacts - Almost every time there is a storm system in the Gulf it has an impact on fuel being sent up the entire east coast. If this were to become a significant system a fuel shortage is possible. It's not likely at this time but always possible with Gulf Storm Systems. 
  2. Vacation Plans -It is possible you or someone you know could be planning a trip to the Gulf area. It is a great place to vacation. My family and I go every year and we love this area. 
  3. Impacts for Rowan County - As of this time models are indicating very limited impacts to Rowan County from this system as it develops. It is likely we will get some rain from this system but not enough to be concerned with


As of right now most models are indicating we could see a quarter of an inch of rainfall this week. These are mainly due to pop up showers and storms based on the heating of the day from this time of year. I will continue to keep an eye on this system as it develops making you aware of any possible changes and weather impacts it could have on us here in the county. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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