Rain today with a chance of wet snow

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 6:01am

We have been talking for the past few days about the chance of wet snow mixing in this evening with rain ahead of a cold front that will move through the region today. Here is the timeline on when you should see region move through the county. 


Rain will begin to move through the county starting around 2pm this afternoon. This will bring a line of showers that is pushing ahead of a cold front that will move through the area today. 



As the rain moves through the county we will begin to see cold air mix in aloft. This will bring the chance of some wet snow flakes mixing in with the rain as we move into the early evening hours. The precipitation will begin to move out of the county around 6pm this evening. 



Not expecting to much in the way of accumulation as the rain moves through fairly quickly. Looking at around a quarter of an inch of rainfall around the county.



Snowfall accumulation is not likely as the ground temps will be to warm and wet snow typically melts on impact. The other story will be the winds and wind chills over the next 48 hours. Winds ahead and behind the cold front will give us wind chills in the teens and low 20's over the next 48 hours. Please bring outdoor pets inside as they get cold just like we do. I will continue to keep you updated right here and on social media. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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