Freezing Drizzle possible early Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 7:57am

Good Tuesday Morning everyone! We have been dealing with some of the coldest temperatures of the season over the past 48-72 hours. Now we have moisture on the way. The good news is dry air and limited moisture will allow us to avoid a real messy situation. However, we will still have some icy precipitation to deal with. The real story will be the heavy amounts of rain that move through later in the day on Wednesday. Let's see how things will play out. 


Early Wednesday morning we will see dry air start to lose out with some drizzle reaching the ground. Temperatures may be low enough at this point that we get some freezing drizzle. As drizzle starts to reach the ground we will have evaporational cooling occur overhead in the atmosphere. 



The midmorning hours will give us a better chance for freezing rain or drizzle as dry air starts to really lose out and moisture begins to move into the area. The real factor here will be the ground temperature as this will determine if its just a cold rain or freezing precipitation.



There could still be some lingering pockets of freezing rain or drizzle around the extreme northern areas of the county close to the I-40 corridor. Temperatures will start to warm up at this ;point turning all of the precipitation into all rain. Isolated showers will linger through the afternoon and into the evening. 


We will see moderate to heavy rainfall occur through the overnight hours of Wednesday night into Thursday morning. We will see rain begin to move off to the east around midday on Thursday. 



As far as accumulations go we will see a two different types. Early on we could see a glaze of ice around the county with higher accumulations over toward the Cleveland area. 


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With rainfall accumulations of up to an inch and a half by the time the precipitation comes to an end on Thursday around midday. 


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