Winter Weather chatter for the weekend

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 12:05pm

Social media is hyping another winter storm chance for this upcoming weekend. I wanted to take a moment and type up this post to give you my forecast without the hype you are seeing around social media. The only thing that is certain at this point is we will see some sort of precipitation this weekend. The uncertain point of the forecast is how much of what kind. Now you may have read on Facebook or even Twitter over the past few days with various outlets hyping up what could be form an inch to several inches of snowfall around the area. While that is true for some areas it is not so true for Rowan County. 

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We could begin to see precipitation move into the county late in the afternoon or early evening hours of Saturday. This precipitation will likely start off as rain. Warm air aloft will have a big impact on the potential for wintry precipitation to move in. Please also remember we have had several days of dry air in place now. So when the precipitation moves into the area and the county it will take some time before any of it reaches the ground. 


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As we move into the overnight and early morning hours on Sunday we will see a chance for some freezing rain or sleet mixing in with rain. If so ice potential on the front end of this system will bring snowfall totals down right away. That along with the dry air the system will be battling on the front end will have an impact on some of the snow totals you may have saw somewhere else on the internet. 


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Based on ensemble models we could see up to an inch of snowfall around the county with most of the accumulation being on the northern side of I-85. As I have stated with many weather models when these types of systems try to move into the county before. The models do not do a good job of differentiating between the various types of precipitation so totals tend to get inflated. Realistically we are looking at a dusting to around a half of an inch of snowfall with a light glaze of ice. 


I will continue to monitor the model data and provide updates right here an on social media as we continue to move toward the weekend. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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