A dry pattern ahead.

Saturday, January 5, 2019 - 8:19am

It's not often I blog about dry patterns of weather. I really can't help myself with this upcoming pattern because it has been a long time since we have been fortunate enough to have a dry pattern of weather to last past three or four days. We appear to be coming up on a fortunate run of around 8-10 days of dry weather if this upcoming pattern can hold. Lets take a look over time and see what the pattern has in store for us. 


Over the next 24 hours High Pressure systems will start to flow through the area one by one. Bringing us dryer air and in some cases keeping the temperatures slightly above normal for the county. 


The above image is through next Monday showing the high pressure system remains in place continuing to bring us sunshine as we start the work week. 



As we roll into next Tuesday High Pressure will still be in control continuing to bring us Sunny days and clear nights. 



By next Wednesday we will still be feeling the effects of fair weather as one High pressure system begins to move out and a second high pressure systems starts to move in from the Midwest for the last half of next week. Continuing to keep us dry.



By next Thursday our second wave of High Pressure will be in full effect and starting to make its way into the area by late Thursday evening. 



By the end of the work week we will see High Pressure firmly in place once again keeping the sunny skies and dry air right into next weekend. 



By next weekend High Pressure will be solidly in place along the east coast with the chances for any rainfall being extremely low promising for a second dry weekend in a row. When is the last time we had that kind of luck?



By next Sunday another wave of High Pressure starts to form giving us the opportunity to enter our second week in a row of sunny skies and dry weather. Temperatures during the period could be slightly above normal for this time of year. 



By Monday January 14th we will still have High pressure in place keeping us dry and quite possibly with the longest stretch of dry weather we have had in months.



By Tuesday January 15th a large area of High pressure will have most of the county covered continuing to keep dry air in place and rain away. 



By Wednesday January 16th we could see Low Pressure start to build in over the Great Lakes that will give us our first real shot at precipitation in some time. I do have some slight concerns with the setup that it may bring us some wintry precipitation. That is still over a week and a half away we will have to see how the setup develops.



By Thursday January 16th Low pressure to our north and High pressure to our south could setup for cold air to get wedged against the mountains  with moisture being pulled in off the Atlantic. This could setup for a very cold rain event with the potential for a lot of moisture to get trapped along the Blue Ridge Mountains or our second round of Wintry weather this season. I will of course keep an eye on the models over the next 7-10 days and keep you ahead of what may be on the other side of this much deserved stretch of dry weather we are going to have. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather. 



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