Rowan County Weather partners with Norad again this Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 10:08am

As we close in on another Christmas Eve, Rowan County Weather is honored to announce that once again we will be tracking Santa on his journey around the world! I will be providing video updates throughout the day starting at around 4am Christmas Eve morning and will track Santa right up to the moment he arrives here in the county. This has been a very fun event over the years and will be even more exciting this year! Children and Parents of all ages love to sit and watch the updates as they are provided on my social media outlets. Kids remember when I announce that Santa has arrived in the county on Christmas Eve you will need to hurry to bed! You don't want Santa passing by your house! I am also honored to have Bella's Barkery as the sponsor of this great event once again this Christmas season! Please be sure to stop by and thank Bella's for sponsoring this great tradition and they will give you 10% off your Barkery purchase! 

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