Severe Weather Alert Day. Please read and stay weather aware!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 8:02am

Myself along with other forecasters and meteorologist have been keeping you aware of the severe weather threat for several days now. Today is the day to stay weather aware as we will see our first severe storms of the season. The main threat will be damaging winds and localized flooding. Let's take a look at the timeline of what to expect today.



Rain will begin to move into the county as we head through the afternoon hours. The severe threat starts to pick up around 5pm this evening. Once these storms get firing we could be looking at several hours of severe weather being possible in and around the county. 



The severe weather threat will start to move out of the county around 10pm this evening. Rain may linger around until around the 11pm hour but the threat starts to diminish pretty quickly. The main concerns I have with this event will be Damaging Winds and Localized Flooding. First let's start with the winds. 



We could see gust between 30-40 miles per hour as the severe storms move through later this evening. Along with these damaging winds I will be watching for strong updfdrafts in the storms.



The model data above is showing chances for strong updrafts in these storms that could bring pea sized hail. Don't be to concerned with tornadoes forming as the threat for those are low at this point. The only chance we see an increase in that is if the sun pops out for some time before these storms arrive. That could create enough instability in the atmosphere to pop off a few quick spin ups. 



The localized flooding risk is a concern with the amount of rainfall accumulation we could see in the county this evening. Over 2 inches of rainfall is possible by midnight from these storms. Co,bine that with the wind threat and the chances for trees and power lines coming down is a big concern. I will of course provide updates right here and on social media throughout the day. Please stay weather aware throughout the day today. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!

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