One more round of Winter?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 7:49pm

It's going to be the second day of Spring. We are going to be dealing with another round of winter. The good news it will be a weak round of winter which should be pretty flakes falling and not really accumulating due to warm ground temps and surface level air temps. We will continue to see rain the remainder of the evening with isolated showers during the overnight that will transition to a brief period of wet snow. let's take a look at the timeline. 


Between 5 & 6am Wednesday morning we will; see some wet snow flakes mixing in with rain. A shallow layer of cold air aloft will allow this transition to begin. As we move into the morning hours we could see that cold air become more dense due to evaporational cooling in the atmosphere. 



By around 8am we will be in a period of what could be all wet snow falling from the sky with very little accumulation occurring due to warm ground and soil temperatures. If we get a heavy burst we could see a little accumulation. 


Between 10 and 11am we will begin to see the snow transition back to all rain as warm air will start to win out. We will have some isolated rain showers that should begin to taper off as we move through the afternoon hours. 



As far as snowfall accumulation goes. I will not rule out a dusting. If we get a burst of snow falling at any given point it could be enough to cool the ground down to briefly stick. This system will be much like the last one . Snow in the morning and pretty much a distant memory by the afternoon. I will of course keep you updated right here and on social media. As always thank you for following Rowan County Weather!  

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