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Photo by MeteoTechWx
Photo by MeteoTechWx

Welcome to Rowan County Weather

A weather page devoted to the residents of Rowan County. 

I'm Steve Monday Chief Forecaster for Rowan County Weather. Providing weather updates to the residents of Rowan County. Keeping you informed when Severe Weather threatens our county is what I'm passionate about.



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February 8, 2020

This weekend a rocket will launch from a little know space port in the mid-Atlantic area

NWS confirms two tornado touchdowns in Rowan County

February 7, 2020

Meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Greenville Spartanburg visited Rowan C

What is Graupel

February 7, 2020

During the early afternoon hours today i started getting reports of hail and sleet occurr

Does it really snow in the winter seven days after it thunders?

January 20, 2020

Last week we had a few rumbles of thunder around the county.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week March 1 -7, 2020